I was just reading about the Isle of Discussion in Scotland where people used to go to settle disputes, and I saw on wiki that it became a graveyard burial site where the last person buried was in 1972.

Like damn, that is a long time ago, and that was…

Right now, there is a unique situation where Tiktok isn’t banned but has relatively low supply of content (compared to YT/IG) and lots of demand.

Tiktok apparent also does “under review” situations for clips if you are growing fast, but it seems like it’s the best place to grow fast…

Although sperm have a 50–50 chance of having either X or Y chromosomes, the natural occurrence of births reveal 4.4% more males, according to this study published by the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology.

But why is that?

It has long been theorized that it is because males are more prone to “injuries, accidents, and war,” according to this article by the UT Southerwestern Medical Center.

But this write-up by the San Jose State University really clears things up. X chromosomes are literally heavier than Y chromosomes because they have more genetic code, which makes X-chromosome sperm harder to swim upstream.

In fact, X-chromosome sperm have 4.4% more DNA material than Y-chromosome sperm. That’s exactly the same % of more male births and female.

Mind blown.

I just came back from 2 hours and 12 minutes of beautiful cinematics and aesthetically choreographed fight sequences that is called Shang-Chi & The Legend of The 10 Rings.

And although I overall loved the movie and the social breakthrough this film was for the Asian American community (I’m Asian)…

I was just watching this YouTube video by small YouTuber Sena Shimotsuma where he talks about living a “boring life” — how he loves being at home more than anything.

And it got me wondering about my next steps. And in fact, the steps after those steps. I realized I…

I think it’s a good time to re-evaluate what I want.

A part of me wants to just look for fuck buddies to satisfy my desire to sex up attractive boys.

Another part of me wants to pursue something bigger like my YouTube stuff.

And then a third part of…

A boy likes me, but only knows a small part of me.

There’s a guy I’m talking to, let’s call him Josh. He already said he likes me, and I told him I’m not looking for something serious. He said he was down to be friends. …

Every time I’m about to buy a home, I get hyper-analytical and read up on markets etc. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past month as I struggle to assure myself that I should stay in escrow.

This is the least sure I’ve been on an upcoming…

I watched the anime Orange last night, and it reminded me of the raw, emotional connections I’ve had with people, especially in high school and college.

In fact, the conversations and dialogue were way more in-depth and meaningful than the vacuous exchanges in Orange.

Anyway, it made me realize that I do still crave human connection, and honestly, a deep and meaning relationship. As much as I want to think I have evolved into not needing a guy, I can’t help but still desire that kind of bond.

As to if I will ever find it — unlikely. As in, finding and staying with someone long term… it isn’t in the statistics (my new “it isn’t in the stars” lol).

But I am getting the urge to just start dating again and putting myself out there. I need to accelerate my plans!!

Honestly, I’ve lived. I had a happy childhood, a loving mother, and experienced the full high school she-bang— elected class president, toxic high school drama, first love, acceptance into Ivy Leagues… a dream experience.

I’ve immersed myself into organized religion, experienced death of a loved one, and been best man…

My Secret Notebook

Quirky, curious, and philosophical Asian American gay Ivy League grad living in Southern California.

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