When I’m with you, time is suspended in an unfaltering frequency of bliss, pleasure, and irremediable smiling.

Your soft skin, your genuine grin, and your strong hands catapult my mind from reality to surreality.

And it just stays there.

We just stay there — here. Embracing each other.

A minute is an hour, and an hour is a second. Time is not a limit in this dimension.

When I’m with you, I forget that there is anything else to do, anywhere else to be, anyone else to meet. Because when I’m with you, I am satisfied.

When I’m with you, there is nothing else that I need.

This guy I’m seeing. He wears a necklace of a ring — a very nice Cartier ring in fact. It’s actually an engagement ring.

A few years ago, his ex-girlfriend cheated on him, and he left her. But soon she came back apologizing, even asking him to marry her. He…

I was just reading about the Isle of Discussion in Scotland where people used to go to settle disputes, and I saw on wiki that it became a graveyard burial site where the last person buried was in 1972.

Like damn, that is a long time ago, and that was…

Although sperm have a 50–50 chance of having either X or Y chromosomes, the natural occurrence of births reveal 4.4% more males, according to this study published by the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology.

But why is that?

It has long been theorized that it is because males are more prone to “injuries, accidents, and war,” according to this article by the UT Southerwestern Medical Center.

But this write-up by the San Jose State University really clears things up. X chromosomes are literally heavier than Y chromosomes because they have more genetic code, which makes X-chromosome sperm harder to swim upstream.

In fact, X-chromosome sperm have 4.4% more DNA material than Y-chromosome sperm. That’s exactly the same % of more male births and female.

Mind blown.

My Secret Notebook

Quirky, curious, and philosophical Asian American gay Ivy League grad living in Southern California.

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