A Picture For You [A Love Poem]

My Secret Notebook
1 min readOct 22, 2022

I can picture a life with you

Can you picture one with me too?

I picture you making ribs on the kitchen island

As I come from behind, hugging and smilin’

I picture me snuggled into your chest with my head

As we watch a scary movie on our king-sized bed

I picture me in the morning opening my eyes to you

Planting a kiss as you give me one too

I picture you coming back home from climbing

From sending a v10, arms swollen and shining

I picture us kissing on a Sunday afternoon

Clothes off, butt naked in the middle of the room

But I also picture a life in more color

With cold days and rainfall, not just sunny summer

I picture me embracing you as you are crying

From a mid life crisis, or a loved one dying

I picture us cuddling in the middle of the night

After serious discussion or a heated fight

I picture you holding my hand when I’m down

Warming my heart with no need for sound

I picture us older, hairs turned all white

Our kids raising kids, us losing our sight

I picture us happy and content with each other

If just me and you, without any others

I can picture a wonderful life with you

Can you picture one with me too?



My Secret Notebook

Quirky, curious, and philosophical Asian American gay Ivy League grad living in Southern California.