Dream log — PD10, mom’s clothes, violin

Had some dreams last night.

One was I was in the old house, I woke up from a dream, where I was sleep walking (within my dream). I tied a skirt around my waist and was wearing another thin meshy material (like the v neck at uniqlo, undershirt). It was my mom’s I realized, so I took it off, and hung it back on the lamp next to the bed.

I went to the closet and saw her clothes. Some I remember her in, and I smelled them. I thought to myself that I needed to buy a big house so I could store these.

Later, I was graduating or some space with a bunch of other classmates. Stuff happened at the assembly setting but I can’t remember.

Later, I was showing my piano teacher videos of what happened. Apparently, I was playing violin really well. I saw some clips of myself playing, it was really dramatic and good lol.

In front of my at the booth was a mother and her son. She told my piano teacher she’d like to receive counseling after he finished class with me. She brought cash.

I’m trying to recall, I think I was at some dentist place at some point? There is a recurring motif of PD10. I think at the dentist place, I was talking about going on some missionary trip?

I knew exactly what PD10 or PD100 meant at the time, but now I don’t.

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