Dream preacher was mean to me

Had a dream that we were sitting in chairs outside the left of GG church, in front row. It was some people, then Joyce, Pr Hwang, me, and my mom. Pr Hwang kept edging toward me and getting in my space, like on purpose. And then I’d move back or adjust to get him out of my way.

I realized he was doing that because he saw my video where I revealed my dick size, and other church people saw it and it was controversial lol.

Then he went around collecting tithe, which never happens, and he was pressuring my mom and I and getting impatient with his tithe tray. She didn’t have any cash, so I tried to get some from my pocket, and accidentally put in a folded up yellow note, which he didn’t notice was a note lol. Like, how, right?

And my mom suggested we go switch it for cash later — Idk why she suggested to do this, she doesn’t have cash on her lol.



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My Secret Notebook

Quirky, curious, and philosophical Asian American gay Ivy League grad living in Southern California.