Dreamt I was back in high school

Dreamt I was in English class and the police tried to take out English teacher. The person over the mic said to stand up for the pledge of allegiance, so our teacher was like, “Okay, I’ll stand for this.” But the police grabbed her from behind once she stood up. The students didn’t stand.

Quarence had this giant boxing glove that he used to push the police like a tazer that extended out and retracted. The police had one too and Quarence was injured and almost died.

Sinthia also went to protect the teacher.

Actually, before all of this, we were practicing for a music writing exam. I was showing my cousin Sean (? i think or Kalvin) my fugue in a minor (I had 2 bars I was writing out in 3/4, erasing some of my old work). The teacher came by and told me it was similar to something else, went back to look at another student’s work and was like nevermind. Then walked to the front where this police stuff happened.

After the police stuff, which I recorded the tail end of on my phone, everyone sang a hymn, “At the cross”. I don’t know if it’s because someone died or if it was like to unify in protest. I recorded that too, and someone sitting in front of my was recording too. I was surprised we’d sing a HYMN. But people were harmonizing. I saw Stiven Huang there too, singing a part.

After class, Christen was outside and said, “I’d think this would happen at a school a few blocks down, but not here”, implying Lexington or something. And I said, “Well, statistically, it is likely it’d happen some time.” Lol Idk what I was thinking. My best friend Kris and I walked back the the other direction to go to Math together in second period. Pelan, Jezica’s mom, came with a giant water thing and gave it to me lol. I put it down and asked Kris if he wanted any, and he said yes. Divyo came and sat down, wanting to talk about what happened with her 2 friends. And we talked about how Quarence almost died etc.

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