Everyone around me makes more money than I do

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2 min readJan 5


I realized that almost everyone around me makes more than I do:

  • Sean is a software engineering manager now (didn’t realize he got promoted lol): $250K
  • Wills is a sr. software eng at $230K
  • David is a product mgr making probably 270K (shit, just realized this when i searched it up again)
  • Dorothy has her own business in 6 figs
  • Sean’s sister is at $150K i think
  • Patrick is at $140K+? estimated

And I’m at my measly pay-cutted amount of $120K everything included.

Honestly, it’s not bad for the amount of work I do, but I’m really behind my peers. I don’t like to compare like that, but they’re all getting chill jobs too. Why should I not be chilling and making a ton of money?!

I guess they’re in the high percentile of earners. May they have to work longer? Lol Sean is definitely not working long hours, my goodness. Maybe the Manager route is the way to go?

I’m semi-regretting now taking the chance to jump to the other team. That’s 10% increase now. If I do well, another 10%. And then, plus bonus can take me from $120K to $170K. that’s a 42% increase.

But I’m rolling the dice and risking it all for a 225% increase lol. Zamn.

I think I’m playing this right. I have a good relationship with current boss. The biggest risk is discovery. And even then, maybe it’s time I push for more challenging, higher paying work.

Being at a place for a long time isn’t really thaat risky. The risk of s1ngl3 employment is if you aren’t there for very long or if the company is unstable.

Anyway, I’m rolling the dice. The hours will be worse. But let’s see.



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