I haven’t been meeting my goals

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2 min readMar 30, 2024


And it’s even gone the opposite direction… for some goals.

Today, I’m doing a full review of my 2024 goals to see how I’m doing, how my goals may have changed, and how to adjust. Consider this a post-Q1 update!

Here are the goals for reference:

  1. Decrease stress from work and relationship
  2. Discover a new interest
  3. Get rid of negative energy
  4. Determine when and if I would have kids
  5. Determine when and if I would retire and how
  6. Get abs back
  7. Enjoy the outdoors more (ie. national park, walks, etc)
  8. Enjoy everything more

#1 — Slighty better. I think work stress has been about the same. I often don’t sleep enough, and that adds to the stress. Relationship stress has been a bit less after I broke up with Ray on 3/5, but we are working things out, and it’s more like “ugh..” sometimes, but he’s trying.

#2 — Not yet. I’ve been reading on Fermi paradox today after watching Three Body Problem, but I don’t think that’s an interest yet. Dorthy asked about my latest interest when I was in SF for MHB conference, and I didn’t really even have one to share. Sad.

#3 — Not really? I tried to break up with Ray, but we’re still working on stuff. I still have stress from work, and it can feel dark, especially toward my physical health.

#4 — Making progress! I went to MHB, and I’m getting more information to make my decision. I’m still on the 2–5 year outlook, but I’ll have more clarity after May trip.

#5 — Same. I’m still running the same net worth numbers. But I think I’ll make a decision to either retire at 39–40 or do “reduced” work. I have a fantasy to finish my 30s traveling and exploring though. And I can technically retire now and live frugally if I wanted too.

#6 — Worse off. I got more fat. I need to buy some whole carrots to cut up as snacks so I don’t eat nasty snacks.

#7 — About the same. It’s hard to get out when I’m tired.

#8 — A little bit? I think I’ve been working toward this mindset, and I shared it with Ray too. I’m a bit less attached for some work stuff, and it helps me enjoy more. But I do get too tired and that restricts me from enjoying life.

I was going to do more free form evaluation, but I got busy. So I’ll just end it here for now.



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