Its been a while since I was in a good mood. Poor sleep schedule (waking up for work, but sleeping late) and dreading workouts was my usually for a couple of weeks, maybe months. Pandemic probably reinforced this.

But today, was a good, stable mood. I believe it is a mix of 2 things:

  1. Sleeping early last night. I was exhausted and slept at like 12:40am. Previously I was sleeping at 4, 5, 6am.
  2. Clearing the air with my friend regarding not going to his wedding and them rejecting a song I wrote for them.

I also didn’t take my cholesterol medication for 1 day. I don’t know if that’s related. I didn’t take it because I ran out of the antioxidant supplement(coq10), which eases side effects.

Feels like I need to get exhausted to really sleep early though sigh.

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