If I retired today…

My Secret Notebook
1 min readMar 7


Say that I retired today with $2.5M in the bank to allow myself 80–100K of spending a year. What would I do?

First, I think I’d have some kids and raise them. Once they get to preschool/schooling age, I’ll have more time to “work” for fun and submerge myself in my interests.

  1. Board games: I’ll play more, host more, and go to more conventions. I LOVE the cons I go to. So much to play and do, and the energy revives me. But it’s not 100% of the time.
  2. Jobs: I think I’ll take some odd/random jobs for the experience or to learn. For example, I’m kind of interested in IVG (in vitro gametogenesis). I might study that, reach out on how I can contribute at a lab? Honestly, probably not, but I might look into random things I get interested in.
  3. Art: Maybe get into painting? Experiment with different art mediums.
  4. Exercise: Swim and badminton more?
  5. Outdoors/nature: Explore lakes, national parks, and other cool naturey stuff
  6. Travel: learn and explore; play board games with locals; get to know local cultures

What are some odd/random jobs I’d be curious about?

  • Maybe a retail at a store I like? Or that seems to have a fun culture?
  • Maybe a sales job lol for a product I like?
  • Maybe try to become a news anchor, or get in news business?
  • Masseuse?

I think if I didn’t need more money, I wouldn’t actually do a job lol. I’d be wayy to busy exploring this world.



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