“I’m bored”

My Secret Notebook
2 min readMay 3, 2023

Just found myself saying “I’m bored”

I’m bored with my guy, my work, people, and… life?

  1. Guy: He’s not really constantly thinking of new things or entertaining new ideas. He isn’t the best conversationalist and isn’t great at trying to see things from other points of views. Honestly, overall, he can be pretty boring, especially over text. But he’s secure in some ways and hot as hell. And handsomeee
  2. Work: Idk, it’s tiring and boring sometimes. I find myself counting down the days I need to work lol. Will be nice to get back to my old schedule too, but we’ll see. Depends on my future with Guy.
  3. People: People are so simple, predictable, boring, and annoying. Why do I even bother interacting with people? Well, I don’t. lol. Except for games and stuff at conventions. I guess some of those people are fun and interesting, but we don’t hangout outside of that. Sigh. Wish I had some more fun friends? Idk.
  4. Life: I need to spice things up. My current routine is boring!!

I think an ENTP’s great fear isn’t “silence” necessarily, but more of a version of silence: boredom. LOL. I used to try to contradict that because I do like to relax, but it’s kind of true, I hate being bored. I don’t like boring tedious stuff either. Even though I’m “busy”, I can still be bored if I’m not discovering and learning.

Okay, how do we spice things up:

  1. Weekend trips, other short trips: Go local and plan some fun stuff. Do it without Guy if he’s busy. You need some more fun.
  2. Longer vacations: Plan some stuff for 2024 even, travel the world baby lol. Brainstorm places, book them!
  3. Make fun foods: try interesting recipes that are healthy and that I like. Could be Taiwanese or not. Fuck what people think or say at home when I’m experimenting. They can be my fucking snack and you can try it if you want. What’s the worse that will happen?
  4. Check out local attractions and restaurants: I mean, just go after work lol, or on the weekend. Idc if it’s by myself. Escape rooms! And more and such.
  5. Fun exercises outdoors: go for runs at nice parks, go swimming more



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