My Secret Notebook

Oct 20, 2021

1 min read

Life is like, really short

I was just reading about the Isle of Discussion in Scotland where people used to go to settle disputes, and I saw on wiki that it became a graveyard burial site where the last person buried was in 1972.

Like damn, that is a long time ago, and that was for the LAST BURIAL. Let alone ALL THE OTHER STUFF that happened on that island before.

Made me realize just how countless people have walked the earth, died, and were buried — how hundreds, nay, thousand of civilizations have risen and fallen.

I’m just living in the nascent stages of a country’s birth (America has only been around for a few hundred years compared to civilizations that spanned thousands!).

I’m just SO insignificant. Why should I let daily and social worries bog me down. If I died and was buried today, someone 50 years from now in 2071 will be like, “Oh wow a person was buried here in 2021? That’s like so long ago.”

If I can just break through TODAY while I’m still alive (God-willing), perhaps I can be more than just a person who was buried at some point in history. Perhaps I can be more than a forgotten count among the countless humans who have walked this earth.