Money Heist (Season 2) Ending Explained

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3 min readApr 19, 2020


Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) has been one of my favorite series ever. Besides being a great refresher for my Spanish, the impassioned heist series was a beautifully directed cat and mouse story of strategy, love, money, drugs, and guns.


I’m going to go straight to the ending:

What happened to the heist crew afterwards?

Professor (Sergio Marquina aka Salva)

This one obvious. He was on an Asian island that Inspector Raquel Murillo found him on a year later.

He was heartbroken by the death of his older brother (which was revealed at the end, but I mean, didn’t we all suspect?), but he was able to pull it together and succeed.

After escaping with the money, everyone probably got their money later delivered discreetly. Details not revealed.

But what the heck happened with Raquel’s mom and daughter. Did the mom die? Is the daughter with the dad? Raquel ditched them both and went to the Asian island without them!

Rio and Tokyo

This was left in the air. Rio kept hinting that he knew Tokyo would break up with him, but Tokyo kept coming back. He said he didn’t know if she’s just leave on a jet ski, and she said she’d be on a boat with her tits out lol.

But the clue is when she makes him give her the engagement necklace.

It’s strongly suggested that they get married on an island. But given Tokyo’s personality, it’s probably going to be a rocky relationship of on and off. She’s going to want to go off and be her self-destructive self, and Rio is going to be heartbroken. But I think it’ll sort of work out in the end. I mean they share a trauma that no one else can understand.

Denver and Monica

Definitely married and raising a kid together. But Monica is now Agata lol. Not really sure where they would be. It seemed like Monica didn’t want to readjust outside of Spain, but they probably are outside of Spain in some random place raising a kid.

Helsinki and Nairobi

At the end, Helsinki asks Nairobi if they want to be flatmates lol. Honestly, I don’t think they ended up living together somewhere. I think Nairobi probably went to some other country and is doing business. She seems very entrepreneurial and would want to continue underground business.

Helsinki is probably enjoying his money too.

Honestly, the writers sort of just ignored the ending for these two and left them carelessly clueless.

Did the people who chose to stay for $1M euros get their money as promised?

I think Nairobi would have pushed to make sure at least Torres got his money. I don’t think Arthur would get his lol. But Nairobi was someone who kept her word, so maybe she tried to keep her promise, as risky as it could be.

Loved the movie, and would 10/10 recommend!!



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