My life’s “purpose” is to explore?

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2 min readDec 31, 2022

I was reading this reddit post about ENTPs and life purpose. And this phrase stood out to me:

As for deciding your “life’s purpose”? That’s a phrase invented by someone who wasn’t an ENTP.

I found it hilarious but also kind of true. Why am I so fixated on big item “goals” or “dreams”?

Really, what I love is to explore. That’s what excites me. To learn. To satisfy curiosity. And to debate everything in the process to accurately and in a fun way understand and process my explorations.

What I’m worried about is being too focused on frontloading my time in making money in order to fund my exploration (and child raising) later. I should be doing more exploration NOW.

But I need to make a list of things to explore. Here we go:

  1. Travel: Cultures, locations, and foods abroad. People, meeting to them and talking to them. That’s fun. Gay cruise 2023?
  2. Food: Trying new cuisines and stuff that is good, expand the palate.
  3. Activities/interests: Hello revolving door of intersets that “find me”. Improv, musical improv, boardgames, who knows? Well, board games we know for sure. I will go to the events.
  4. Endeavors: Similar to #3. Random “business” endeavors, ventures, and flops. Cue jewelry, bakery, and carneceria “businesses”.
  5. Writing/documenting what I do/my life.
  6. People: Interesting people and their thoughts/how they work/what makes them tick. Goes in line with travel, but could also be local.
  7. Live performances: similar to #3. This is like live jazz, comedy shows, etc.

I think improv is my next things of interest that is waiting for me to take off on a bit more. It takes people. There are plenty of fun improv games and uses for it. And it leads to a great community of creative/energetic people, sharpening humor/content/writing skills, and a future with these people in creating content? Think Amy Poehler (and her book), Tina Fey, Seth Myers, Jess/Zach (Off Book), etc. Hard as an Asian yea, and I’m frail and need a chinjob/nosejob, but whatever. lol just brainstorming.



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