My plan for TikTok and YouTube domination (Next Steps)

Right now, there is a unique situation where Tiktok isn’t banned but has relatively low supply of content (compared to YT/IG) and lots of demand.

Tiktok apparent also does “under review” situations for clips if you are growing fast, but it seems like it’s the best place to grow fast and gain an audience.

At the end of the day, I need to drive traffic toward email/phone numbers. Social media platforms and YT are great for “marketing” and gaining a following, but we can’t always depend on the favor of the algorithm to survive.

And platforms can disappear/change drastically overnight.

Email and phone numbers are a direct link to followers.

Hence, I need the following in my plan for my board game media empire:

  1. Website: have it set up so that I can start collecting emails. Either a “let me know when new games out” or “enter information go get free printout” situation. This is the best source of hot leads.
  2. Create Tiktok format content (and lots): have at least 2–4 weeks of content for 3 posts per day with subtitles/text and popular music (even at 0 volume). That’s basically what I learned from YT videos about the algorithm. I need to make this myself to really tailor it. Time is what I need to dedicate before I launch. Have like at least a week’s worth ready?? Have YT linked? And website linked?
  3. Find editors for YT videos: my main videos will be YT and I should have at least 3–4 videos ready before launching.

I’m also considering having a Tiktok person for my gay YT channel, just taking snippets of audio/video and adding text/music to divert traffic. But at the end of the day, I’m not trying to create an empire for that, so it’s probably okay not to. Unless I’m just using it as a tester.

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