No regrets for making less than my peers

My Secret Notebook
1 min readJan 5, 2023

This is why I don’t regret taking a lower pay for more work-life balance:

  1. The title/growth track is decent where I’m at. I can get employment with my experiences and level, if this job goes away.
  2. I was able to make time for: random business ideas, youtube channel(s), instagram
  3. I purchased 2 more properties and rented them out.
  4. At one point I focused more on health lol
  5. I could sleep more lol
  6. I could try other projects
  7. I can chat/message people? (eh)
  8. I could read/research random stuff

I also felt my brain was kind of getting lazy though, so I’m using this “modular” job to make time for other potentially income-producing projects.

If I had to moved to another team that was in front of c-suite more, it would be more pressure and more attention, which could foil some other opportunities.

But with inflation and me exhausting some of the projects above, PLUS a bit more steady with Roy in romance, I’m ready for my next endeavor!

This is the right fit and right thing I’m doing at the right time. I thank God for letting me having the ability to even go for this.



My Secret Notebook

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