Overcompensating for homophobia

My Secret Notebook
1 min readFeb 3, 2023

Okay, before I forget this funny story. My almost-boyfriend Roy and I went to the Magician’s Study in Las Vegas last month (Jan 2023), an intimate magic show with only like 15–20 people.

Before the show started, we were sorta holding hands. And at one point, a couple on my right, moved their chairs away from us a bit.

I kind of moved my chair a bit too, and then the girl in that couple was like, “Oh, no, I was just trying to get a better view!” lol like trying to make sure we didn’t think she was doing it because we were gay.

I didn’t feel bad or discriminated against. It was obvious that’s what she was doing, but if I wasn’t holding hands with a guy, she would not have gone out of her way to let me know that.

I found it very funny, but also appreciated the sentiment.

Ironically though, it’s the small unimportant stuff that people will go out of their way to publicly “apologize” for or voice. But the microaggressions are never things people admit or apologize for.

Anyway, wanted to write this down before I forgot.



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