Re-examining my goals to be a Youtuber

  1. Money: I want to fat FIRE. There, I said it. It’s just not very likely, but it’d be great. Great to be free from obligation/work/waking up early/routine, from others’ control…to some degree. And able to just have kids without working.
  2. Meaning: Sure, there’s the “superficial” meaning from leaving a legacy and finding pride in building something. But there’s also meaning in having created something — like a child project. Putting your heart into something and getting results.
  • be on camera
  • invest my own money into the project
  • dedicate time
  • decide on the topic/niche (I wavered)
  • get over fears of things failing because of myself
  • design a system that works depending on the topic/niche
  • my “boring” life / eccentric introverted lifestyle (benchmarks: Kelly Stamps, Sena Shimotsuma)
  • life crisis and life stories (benchmarks needed, maybe Kelly Stamps too): this is like pondering about existential stuff and quick studies/points/research that I will mention. stories I will have to get used to rambling from memory
  • daily reflection/vlogging but with a title that is later conceived after an outline is created (benchmarks: techlead (but less niched),



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My Secret Notebook

My Secret Notebook


Quirky, curious, and philosophical Asian American gay Ivy League grad living in Southern California.