Stuck in a more-than-FWB situation.

It’s hard to stop seeing Roy, and in some ways I should, to move on with life. “Move on”, as if there is anywhere to move on, anyone to move on with. Ha.

Honestly, if i stop seeing him, i’ll just be going back to Grind and Jack’d for fun. I’ll just be doing meaningless sex-searching at apps and spas. And spend a few weeks wasting time on bad dates with guys who aren’t going to date.

So really, why stop the great sex, right?

Sure, it puts my husband-searching on a pause, but how well was it going anyway. And I’m “in love” in Roy, so I can’t really like anyone else.

I want to move forward with things, but he doesn’t. So idk, maybe i’ll try to hangout with him more here and there, maybe not. We sex once a week already, it ain’t



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My Secret Notebook

Quirky, curious, and philosophical Asian American gay Ivy League grad living in Southern California.