Time for career moves (hello 2023?)

My Secret Notebook
2 min readJan 1, 2023

It’s that time where people are making career moves. Walt and Pris both got new jobs (hello salary bump), and just saw Phil today who said he is starting his new job at Boeing on 1/9 with small bump and expected cushiness.

I also have my lil’ move, but honestly, my add has been described as “startup” and “aggressive”, and I realized I lowballed myself in negotiations. Didn’t ask for bonus when I SHOULD HAVE. Didn’t ask for profit sharing when I SHOULD HAVE. FUCK ME.

But if I can successfully get this operation going, I can temporarily make some serious progress.

I’m still 33 though, and I should consider enjoying my time some more though. I shouldn’t let Roy and my desire to be with him stop me from expanding and exploring??? At the same time, I was previously just grasping all over the place and getting nowhere with dating. So, if I truly just care about connecting with a few people I like, then I continue, right?

And I need more recovery time for travels anyway, so my April, August, and September travels are all kind of in motion anyway already.

Just a few small trips throughout, and that should be fine. I think the next step with travel is really a longer-ish Japan/Taiwan trip perhaps. If I go somewhere myself, maybe Singapore? But also want to explore Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia/southern Asian. And some middle eastern type places that Jon H and Chrisss keeps talking about like Uzbekistan, and other stans lol.

There’s so much culture I’m missing out on! Museums? Fun, interesting establishments?! Ugh… what am I doing… there’s a whole world to explore! LEGGO



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