What do I like to do now?

My Secret Notebook
2 min readJan 9, 2024

The thing is, in the future, even if I have kids, I’m going to end up doing the things I like and do NOW. So.. what I like to do now?

  1. Go to korean spa
  2. Play board game/RPG games
  3. Watch shows/movies (including live standup)
  4. Improvisation (it was fun improving on piano and improv RPG, I realized recently it’s something I like)
  5. RPG games
  6. Conventions for tabletop games
  7. Go for walks/hikes
  8. Explore places
  9. Travel
  10. Browse markets/shops/stores
  11. Play badminton/pickleball
  12. Get to know people (like locals when I travel, or online), although I’m annoyed by everyone and most people are dumb
  13. Try new foods (w/ ppl who like it too)
  14. Explore new projects
  15. Try to get good at something I think is interesting (ie. improv, languages, editing, etc), like mini-expert/above avg, then stop lol

Roy challenged me on me not being “responsible” like taking care of myself and not cooking lol. It was not delivered well and he kept saying it harshly (I feel like on purpose). I don’t think it’s good for us to parent together ever. It will only increase stress. Even living together, probably not a good idea, unless it’s very separate, like him downstairs, me upstairs or vice versa. Even then I can already see problems if it’s the same house. (The thing is, when he’s sweet/when things are good, it can feel really amazing, but when it’s bad, it’s like suddenly hostile/cold/evil even. That does NOT feel safe.)

ANYWAY. My whole point is that there are things like cooking/cleaning/organizing that aren’t the “things I do now”, but a lot of other things like exploration/expanding that are good for parenting. I do WANT to do things in the cooking world, like I learned how to make the rice bun thing from my uncle. It’s fun, but it’s not something I like repeating and doing over and over again. If anything, I’d rather take shortcuts, and do it fast. And if I’m balling, these are all things that can be outsourced. I don’t need someone constantly nagging me about something that is so easily solved in my mind. But when it comes to cleaning/organizing, I’d want to optimize the processes so it’s fast/easy for me or whoever helps. And cooking, a cross section of healthy, what we like, and fast.

Then, we can spend more time on “things we like”.



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