What something I already do that I can monetize?

My Secret Notebook
1 min readJan 24, 2024

I often brainstorm ideas for things I can do for monetization — content, products, book ideas, etc. But I don’t have passion for a lot of these things.

But it occurred to me — what are things I already do that I can monetize?

  1. Financial tracking
  2. Curating content I like (videos)
  3. Messaging people/giving my opinion
  4. Korean spas (reviews/videos)
  5. Jerking off? (lol onlyfans???)
  6. Porn curation
  7. Food reviews? (I don’t do often enough)
  8. Sharing self-reflections
  9. Managing my real estate (sharing content)
  10. Viewing homes (analyzing if it’s a good buy or not lol)

I’ve actually made money on #8. And #7 I get free food via Yelp as an Elite. I think it’s worth keep in the back of my head, like the approach of a new venture, if it’s something I already do. The things I truly gravitate toward will be things I ALREADY do.

#9 and #10 seem kind of interesting. Maybe I can film open houses too, it’s actually fun to view, and if it’s walk-in, I’ll just ask to film (B-roll), then do my intro outside afterwards. I don’t physically go to houses though right now, so might be online photos. Going in person will be a lot of “extra”.



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