Why Didn’t Trump Hit Back During Jon Swan Interview?

In an excruciatingly defeating interview with Jon Swan, President Donald Trump was playing a sad defense for 37 minutes straight. But what stood out the most was that Trump actually engaged with Swan in his piercing questions, instead of insulting Swan or storming out. And why is that?

Because Swan is a handsome, young, smart white man.

Trump is prey to superficial status. And to be faced with someone like Jonathan Swan who is tall, intellectual, Caucasian, and appearing like someone demanding respect, Trump became putty in his hands.

In the past, the President did not bat an eye when insulting older people like Biden, women like Rosie O’Donald, and people who are not good-looking in his opinion, like Mitt Romney’s wife.

But Jonathan Swan’s physical appearance made Trump feel inferior and without the confidence to stop Swan and accuse him of being disrespectful, of interrupting, or of being fake news, which he so often does to other reporters during press conferences.

Perhaps Trump had a false sense of security coming in with his loose leaf sheets of “data”. Perhaps he felt prepared.

But Swan’s cockiness (in my opinion), especially when not accepting the charts and graphs from Trump as an apparent power move, was not reprimanded by Trump. Instead, Trump cowered.

Mentally, Trump has been openly showing weakness, saying to the media “nobody likes me” and admitting it must be his personality. Even with his positive thinking and gas-lighting, he is openly breaking down and losing confidence. From the small crowd at Tulsa to his low approval ratings, everything is visibly taking a toll on him.

Will he finally start hitting back at Biden during the debates? Or will his deteriorating confidence continue to play out for the rest of this election cycle?

Quirky, curious, and philosophical Asian American gay Ivy League grad living in Southern California.